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Customer Reviews

Best LED Light I've Ever Owned... Hands Down!!!!!

I was shocked to see how bright these little lights are. Fits nicely on my keychain and weighs next to nothing. I paid $8.95 for another brand of led keychain light that died after a few months... These are my go to light from now on.

BRIGHT! Lightweight. Easy clip on or off.  Stays lit.

The BEST micro light!! Fast & easy to clip on and remove. Bought it to clip on to my purse and use one next to my sewing machine.  Hooked one onto my little dog's collar. I love the fact that it stays lit until you turn it off.  This little stinker lights an entire room! It's only the size of my thumb, and I have small fingers. Found myself clipping one on my clothing when working between house, basement, and garage. No disappointment here! Buying more to share.

Better than you would believe

I ordered a 5 pack of these. As soon as they arrived, I played around with them and I ordered 10 more. I also bought five surprisingly bright red ones as well!  If you remember the "Photon microlight" from several years ago, this is an upgraded, much brighter version!  I had one of these around my neck and it survived not only the steam room, but also a shower at the spa!  I "Field stripped" the wet one that night at home while watching a movie and marked it with a marker,and it still performs as well as all of the other ones.  Due to the extreme simplicity of design and the near-indestructibility of the LED, you cannot go wrong with these!  Once you order your first five pack, you will want more!  I have given a couple of them out to friends where I currently live down in Costa Rica, they absolutely love them!


Amazingly bright for such a small light. Huge improvement over earlier types we've had. Keeping one in every room and all key chains for power outages and emergencies.

Absolutely Awesome!!

Handy little lights! I bought the 5 pack. So happy I did. I gave one to my neighbor & he was thrilled. I have one in every corner of my house. I love them. Energy efficient as I don’t need to turn on obnoxious overhead lighting. Also great strong locking function to stay ON or a quick press to find what you’re seeking. Thanks so much! Will buy more, great little gift!


Exactly what I needed

My red LED micro light will be used to illuminate tripods in the dark during astro photography. I have one attached to each tripod and leave it in the On position. Maintains night vision during these sessions. These red, LED micro-lights are a must for stargazers!

Love these teeny lights

For years I had a teeny roadie light!  Roadies are the guys (usually guys) that take down and put up rock and roll or circus etc decorations or sets for performers.  They need light, but don't want to carry a big huge flashlight.  Well finally mine stopped working so needed to replace the one on my keychain.  These teeny micro lights are sturdy, small, and lightweight--great for a keychain.  My spouse doesn't like a lot of lights on at night so he can sleep so when I stagger through the house after my marathon nightly TV session, I use my micro light to light the way so I don't disturb the misters Zzzzzs!  The Micro Light can stay on continuously with a flick of the switch or just as long as you use thumb pressure and then off.  The white light is very strong!  Thank you!

Everybody should have one on their key ring

It's so small you won't know it's there until you need it.  The sliding switch to keep it on is a big plus.  If you use it when you get up to go to the bathroom at night it will be easier to get back to sleep without having had your house lights on.  Micro Light Guy ships fast from Long Island, NY & offers good service.  I've ordered again for gifts, so inexpensive and very appreciated.

Very bright and very inexpensive

Hooked it easily onto my dogs collar.  Helps him see where he's going and helps me keep an eye on him.  Also allows cars to see him on our late night walks.  Very light, very durable and very helpful.  So much better than the big, heavy, flashlights.  Great value for the price.

Bright Light! (Gremlins beware)…

Indeed this one is about twice the intensity of the average keychain flashlight.   It is a great little friend for your keys and goes great with other pocket pals like pens and coin cases!


Great Mini Light

Smart purchase. Great mini light. Just what I need to see for finding my keyhole.
Love it.

The light that works really well

I purchased mine to put on my drone and it works perfectly

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