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Micro Light Guy

Lighting the World, One Keychain at a Time

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Micro Light LEDs available in White, Red, Blue, and Green

About the size of a quarter, our patented Micro Light will astound you once you see the intense light beam generated from the specially selected LEDs. You may have seen Micro Lights advertised for $13, $15, or even $19. Our micro light is brighter than our competitors and is a fraction of the price. Our quality is unsurpassed!! This top quality Micro Light is brand new, factory sealed and available to you for a great low price.

Once you have one of these incredible micro lights in your hand, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. This tiny powerhouse of a light is astonishingly bright! It provides illumination wherever needed, is water resistant, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Every member of your family should have one.

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